Leverage social media content & communities

A toolbox to create contextual and interactive branded social spaces, extract meaning from the conversations and engage your most active influencers.


Vertical Social Spaces

  • Shore lets you create branded open social spaces which aggregate social conversations on specific topics –i.e. sports, finance, a brand–, events or trends.
  • Your companies can engage influential, loyal, or just plainly vocal customers directly within their own social networks, and analyze what conversations are unfolding around your brand or a specific topic.

Qualitative content

  • Shore can spark social activity by aggregating existing social activity from Twitter, enrinching it and structuring it.
  • Advanced mechanisms of moderation and tracking let you get the content you want.
  • All content can be weighted, filtered and presented based on several criteria (time, reaction, influence).

Engaged community

  • By analyzing in real-time the flow of social interactions from Twitter, Shore makes it possible to quickly identify key people, influencers, opinion leaders, unique voices and experts on any particular topic.
  • Help your users identify and make sense of essential conversations, by organizing groups of people based on roles or attributes (e.g. speaker, organizer, leaders, fans, political views, Vip verified).
  • Encourage participation and engagement with special rewards and custom badges.

Just for you

  • Shore’s design, layout, functionalities and content can be customized to integrate seamlessly on other websites or mobile applications.
  • Shore's platform is organized in functional interactive modules that you can combine to create a unique user experience.
  • All of Shore’s functionalities are already available via our API, and could be integrated quickly into your own website, apps or other contexts.

Use cases


Create a branded environment were all the social interactions around your brand from multiple networks can be aggregated, presented and curated in a way that creates a meaningful user experience.


Generate buzz and get early feedback, customize your social space to provide an overview of your event’s valuable information and attendees, let participants and followers consume curated feeds and get a real-time feel for the event.


Use Shore to add contextual filtered real-time content to your site, provide unique views on an event and get your audience to interact live, benefit from Twitter or simply discover it in a simple way.


Setup your personal dashboard with advanced interactions to track, structure and archive content and communities important to your company and your employees


Shine a spotlight on TV shows or personalities and engage the audience with tailor made interactions. Let the audience watch actively their favorite shows together with other passionate viewers. Shore is a source of valuable information for monitoring or live usage.


Create buzz and reach out to the community of participants and fans before the event, and keep everyone excited with highlights of key activities and simple engaging interactions in real-time during the event.

About us

Shore was founded by two passionate expert web innovators with a focus on creating meaningful user experiences supported by scalable and easy-to-use technologies. We are based in western Switzerland. We are curious to learn more about how to tailor Shore to your needs, so don't hesitate to contact us. Coffee is on us.

Nicolas Dengler Founder & CEO
Maximilien Penet Founder & CTO

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